Jags Reportedly Seeing If They Can Fire Urban Meyer After Viral Video Of Him Grinding With A College Girl

Urban Meyer in a white shirt

I think we all saw this coming.

Urban Meyer’s give-a-shit meter is officially about to break, and after this weekends footage of a girl throwing it back on him at a bar, and according to some recent rumblings, his time in Jacksonville may be over really before it even started.

The video, because it’s too funny not to show again:

And then that alternate angle…

And of course, the FIRE Tim Tebow memes

He released an apology on Sunday….

If you wanna even call it that, he basically said “I own up to what I did but it wasn’t my fault,” and proceeded to change the subject to Trevor Lawrence’s bachelor party in Vegas.

NFL reporter Michael Lombardi is giving us the juicy details about Meyer’s future in Duval, and he noted that the Jags are having “closed-door meetings” about the coach’s “morals clause,” and if there’s a way to fire him without paying out his full salary.

You had to think this would come about eventually, NFL franchises have to find a scapegoat when the season tanks, and Meyer’s actions this past weekend were pretty inexcusable considering he has obligations as an NFL head coach, not to mention he’s MARRIED.

I would say I feel for the guy, but he dug his own grave.

I mean, if the Jags are 4-0 and Trevor Lawrence is running that offense like a Swiss watch, this isn’t even a discussion.

It’s crazy though, there was so much hope for the future of Jacksonville, and they may be having to call this season a wash and start from scratch before the season even really started.

Your move Shad Khan…

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