Hayes Carll & Brandy Clark’s “In The Mean Time” Is A Top Notch Heartbreaker

At one point, we’ve all known or been this couple.

When it’s good, it’s great… but when it’s bad, it’s ugly. Fights get personal, tears are shed and promises get broken. When you both realize what’s going on, you stop, and things are back to normal.

Until they’re not again…

Hayes Carll and Brandy Clark hit the nail on the head capturing that feeling and putting it into a great song.

“In The Mean Time” is a song off Hayes upcoming album You Get It All and has some clever lyrical play, referring to those times between the good when they’re both, well… plain old mean.

“But in the mean time
The holler and scream time
The crush all your dreams time
The can’t hardly breathe time
When faith gets forgotten
And hope falls behind
The love that we had turns bitter and bad
In the mean time”

Honestly, both Hayes and Brandy are pretty underrated, so I was super excited to see they did a song together, and boy did they crush it.

Their voices mesh really well and obviously they’re both top notch song writers.

Great stuff all the way around.

You Get It All is due out on October 29th.

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