Luke Combs Drops Preview Of Steamy New Unreleased Song, “The Kind Of Love We Make”

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Nobody does a love song like Luke Combs.

He’s got The Trilogy, featuring “Beautiful Crazy,” “Better Together” and “Forever After All” and dedicated to his wife, Nicole.

Together, those may be three of the biggest wedding songs of the past couple of years at this point.

But Luke just dropped a preview of one that may be more suited for the wedding night than the actual ceremony.

It’s called “The Kind of Love We Make” and it’s about…well, let’s just go to the lyrics:

“Let’s get some candles burning
And some records turning
All the lights down low
Take it nice and slow
The way your body’s moving
Keep doing what you’re doing to me
All night long
Writin’ our love song
Girl I want it, gotta have it
Let the passion take us to a higher place
Makin’ the kind of love we make”

Come on Luke, at this point you’re just making the rest of us guys look bad.

The song was co-written by Luke along with The Brothers Hunt, Jamie Davis and Dustin Nunley.

Fans are already begging him on Twitter to release this one. And it’s gotta be getting close to time for album number 3 (or is it 5?) from Luke, so maybe we’ll be hearing a full version of this one sooner rather than later.

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