Giovannie And The Hired Guns Drops Surprise New Single, “Can’t Answer Why”

Giovannie and the Hired Guns are hitting good this morning, for all the right reasons.

A few short months ago, the Texas rock band rocked our faces off with the release of their new single, “Ramon Ayala.”

And today? They’ve done did it again, dropping surprise single, “Can’t Answer Why.”

Talk about a song that perfectly sums up the full-throttle lifestyle that life on the road has to offer, complete with long nights and early mornings. In the song, lead singer Giovannie Yanez lets us all tap into his mind, as he sings about doing a little soul searching.

He lists the things he struggles with the most, and you can hear the authenticity in the lyrics. He cuts deep from the opening line:

Maybe I was made for nothin’
Maybe I was made for somethin’
Maybe I’m just tired of being me
I’m just so fuckin’ lonely
I just want someone to hold me
Wish I didn’t need all of these drugs
Sometimes I feel a little crazy
Sometimes I feel a little lazy
But I think I just need some rest
Sometimes I think a little too much
Sometimes I drink a little too much
Sometimes I cross that line
And I can’t answer why

SHEESH. Talk about some damn relatability.

Everybody’s been there at some point, feeling like they’ve hit rock bottom.

You gotta love a band who can deliver a head banger, then back it up with a slow paced, raw emotion song that just hits different.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock