Classy Red Sox Fan Hocks A Loogie In The Face Of Man Calling Her Out For Sitting In The Wrong Seat

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I’m really starting to get a kick out of this.

I don’t know if it’s because of the one year hiatus fans had to take from going to games due to the pandemic, or simply the fact that everybody films everything now instead of actually breaking up an altercation, but the spike in fights and arguments at sporting events this year has been insane.

Seriously, it’s every single night just about.

Hey, I ain’t complaining though, this is some high quality entertainment.

A female Boston Red Sox fan was videoed at Baltimore’s Camden Yards, when the Sox squared off against the Orioles.

It appears that she decided to take a random seat that she didn’t buy tickets for (it’s obvious from the other fans’ reactions), and stood up the whole time she was there.

The surrounding fans pleaded with her to move, accusing her of not being there the whole time.

I’d be mad too. If I paid for tickets to watch a baseball game, I don’t want a narcissistic Karen standing up blocking my view, when she’s not even in the right seat.

In the video, you hear the woman say:

“We’ve literally been sitting here all night.”

Everybody else in the video said the opposite.

Then you hear somebody from a distance call her name, and an upset fan said:

“All your friends are over there.”

Then, of course, she decides to hock a damn loogie in the man’s face and walk off.

And the dude was WAY too chill…

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