Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Didn’t Fly The “Aloha Brian Laundrie” Banner: “I Wish I Had Thought Of That”

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I was really hoping Dog’s team was behind this act of sheer genius.

I mean, can you imagine being on the run after potentially murdering your fiancée, hiding out along the Florida coast, trying to figure out your next move, and then you look up and see “Ahola Brian Laundrie” flying above your head, a message from Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Granted, it’s probably hard to imagine because you’re not a murderous piece of shit (allegedly) like Brian here, but if you were, can you imagine how bad that would get in your head? You’re fucked…

However, as the manhunt for the suspected Gabby Petito murderer continues, Dog has confessed that the hilarious banner is not, in fact, his doing.

Although, he wishes it was.

“Frankly, I wish I had thought of that, but it wasn’t our team.

I’d love to shake the hand of whoever is behind the banner, I’ll tell you that.”

Of course, yesterday Dog and his search team arrived to the “key area” where they believed Brian to be hiding and with the use of both dogs and boats, scoured the area for Brian.

Having found a makeshift campsite, as well as some belongings such as a Monster Energy Drink, Dog and the crew believe they may be hot on Brian’s trail. However, finding a can and a campsite is nowhere near the kind of conclusive evidence you’re looking for.

Personally, I would LOVE to see Dog actually bring this dirtbag to justice… I mean, what a win for all of us, right?

Stay tuned…

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