Dillon Carmichael Announces New Single “Paychecks And Longnecks” Out Tomorrow

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A little more of that 90’s country sound is coming to us tomorrow…

Dillon Carmichael announced a new single out tomorrow called “Paychecks And Longnecks” which is shaping up to be an ode to the hard working Americans keeping the country moving.

He gave us an acoustic sample of the latest song off his upcoming album Son Of A on Instagram and I have a feeling this one might catch on with the after-work drinking crowd pretty quickly…

I’m excited for this project. While we’ve been getting a lot of the fun drinking songs from Dillon lately, it was also recently announced that his next radio single from the album is going to be the title track, “Son of A,” which is one that will punch you in your gut and really showcases Dillon’s versatility as an artist.

It’ll be nice to hear some deeper stuff from Dillon on the new album. But for now, I’ll raise a longneck to you, Mr. Carmichael.

Just as long as it’s a cold one…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock