Zach Bryan Teases Another New Song… And It Hits Like A Ton Of Bricks

Zach Bryan country music
Samuel Elkins

Zach Bryan does not miss.

And today, he’s previewing another new song seemingly titled “Float” that I’m already obsessed with.

It’s a heartbreaker where he talks about moving on from a girl he feels he isn’t right for because he can’t give her everything she needs, and thinks someone else could.

Check out this chorus and tell me it doesn’t hit like a ton of bricks:

“It’s bout time that I left Austin
Bout time you settled down
With a man who doesn’t move as quick
As the trains rollin’ through town
Bout time that I face
The hard times I’ve let go
Love was a just an ocean
I would drown before I float”

He also teased some of the other lyrics on Twitter yesterday:

Here’s one of the clips he shared on Instagram with some of the other sad lyrics:

“Everyone I’ve ever loved has either left or died.”

And a video with a different part of the song on Twitter:

Inject it right into my veins.

Zach is also gearing up to hit the road on his Ain’t For Tamin’ tour next month, and has teased quite a few other amazing tracks recently like “The Good I’ll Do”, “Darling”, “Sober Side of Sorry” and “Corinthians 5:17”.

He’s been working on his next album, too, and every single song he teases just makes me even more excited for when that day finally comes.

About a month ago, he shared an update on it and said he was working as hard as he possibly could to get it done, and also said it would take as long as it takes to make this next record something he’s truly proud of:

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