Man On Horse Trolls People Waiting In Massive Lines At Gas Station

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In case you’re unaware of what’s going on across the pond, the United Kingdom is experiences a massive gas crisis.

Shortages, long lines, panic buying, rising prices, it’s a tough scene at the gas pump right now.

And much like we saw in the the states here over the summer, people are going crazy. We’ve seen fights at the pumps, people filling up plastic grocery bags with gas… it’s chaos.

However, wherever there is chaos, there is always somebody looking to troll.

Imagine waiting in a stupid long line for gas, people taking forever, and next thing you know you see some random dude riding a HORSE into the gas station.

Some dude from the United Kingdom by the name of Gus Lee Dolphin (great handle by the way) decided that it would be hilarious to troll some people by riding his horse into the gas station.

He posted the video on his Instagram page, and in the video, you hear the man chanting:

“Queing for petrol.”

“Queing for petrol.”

“I don’t need petrol.”

“Cause I’m on a horse.”

And sure, I can imagine it pissed off some of the people in line, but it’s f*ckin’ hilarious. The kind of laugh you need today.


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A beer bottle on a dock