Missing Drunk Man Joins A Random Search Party… Looking For HIMSELF

A group of people wearing red and white uniforms

This feels like a real life story from The Hangover.

According to India Times, some buddies went out and got absolutely obliterated drunk in their town of Cayyaka, Turkey.

Apparently, one of the friends, 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu wondered off into the woods for who knows what… take a leak, take a nap, talk to some bears, I don’t know.

When he didn’t return, his friends filed a missing-persons report to the police, and the search party began.

Several locals gathered to search for the missing Mutlu, and after a long search, there was no sign of his whereabouts.

This is where it gets hilarious…

Well, as it turns out the Mutlu ended up joining a random group of the search party and was looking for HIMSELF the whole time. I guess Mutlu made his way back to town after his drunken stupor, and decided to join the search party, even though he had no idea who they were looking for.

After a number of hours, they began to shout out his name, and it finally hit him. He said:

“Who are we looking for? I am here.”

Imagine rounding up a whole town to search for a missing guy for hours, when he’s been in the crowd the whole time?

I would be IRATE.

Locals noted that the man was visibly intoxicated during the search, so there’s no telling how long they had been calling his name before he finally realized it.

There’s one in every crowd, amirite?

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