Dog The Bounty Hunter Flies “Aloha Brian Laundrie” Banner Around Florida

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I’m absolutely glued to this Dog the Bounty Hunter Brian Laundrie manhunt right now.

Is it stupid? Yes.

Does it feel like bad reality TV? Absolutely.

Is it absolutely heartbreaking that Gabby Petito was possibly murdered by this sack of shit? Of course.

Does it kind of feel like a mockery of the situation? Yeah, at times…

But here’s the thing… Dog appears to actually be doing a pretty good job.

Granted, we don’t know the full extent of the situation, we don’t know all the facts of the case, and of course we’re not privy to all the details of the investigation, but he appears to be making some headway.

He broke the campground news, which has since been turned over to the FBI, and then earlier today his crew fired up the boats and searched a “key area” Brian was believed to be hiding in.

And most recently, that search yielded the discovery of “personal items” that appeared to belong to Brian Laundrie.

So will Dog actually catch Brian and bring him to justice? Who the fuck knows…

What I do know… this is HILARIOUS.

The guy is literally flying a banner around the islands they’re searching.

I mean, is there a better way to get into this dude’s head? And people want to talk shit about Dog getting involved, like it’s just some kind of circus.

Dog is playing chess… and everybody else is playing checkers.

You’re fucked Brian.

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A beer bottle on a dock