Tyron Woodley Gets “I Love Jake Paul” Tattooed On Middle Finger… So When’s The Rematch?

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HERE for it.

He may not be much of a boxer, but Tyron Woodley is a man of his word.

After his piss-poor showing against Jake Paul last month, the former UFC fighter immediately wanted a rematch with the YouTube star turned boxer.

The two made a bet prior to the fight regarding the loser getting a tattoo of the other’s name. So when Woodley lost in a split decision, and wanted a rematch, Jake told him to keep the promise and they would do it again.

“If you get the tattoo ‘I love Jake Paul,’ let’s run it  back.”

And he did… on his middle finger.

“I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause I heard you been talking back to your elders.”

Here’s Jake’s response:

And while I wouldn’t necessarily mind a rematch, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t want to move on to bigger fish.

Jake’s been pushing for his next fight to be against boxer Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Tommy was on the undercard of the Woodley/Paul fight, but as someone that’s actually a professional boxer, it would mark Jake’s first bout against someone that actually does this for a living.

And plus, as a boxing fan, do you want to see a Woodley rematch, or someone else finally beat Jake’s ass?

Give me Tommy Fury all damn day.

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