Justin Tucker NAILS A 66-Yard Game Winning Field Goal, Smashing The NFL Record

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Over the span of football history, we’ve seen some INSANELY long field goals made.

I remember when I was a kid and hearing about kickers making 50-yard field goals, and it blew my mind that somebody could kick a football that far.


50-yard field goals is equivalent to riding a bike for these NFL kickers. I mean seriously, many pro kickers make a 55-yard field goal look so easy.

Justin Tucker, the kicker for the Baltimore Ravens, just might be the best to ever do it when it’s all said and done.

The man’s got ice in his veins when it comes to a game on the line, with a mind numbing 16 career game winning field goals since he joined the league back in 2012.

And today? Make it 17, and also throw in an NFL record while you’re at it.

The Baltimore Ravens were in a dogfight with the Detroit Lions, down 17-16 right before the end of the game.

Although the field goal was 66 yards (the longest FG ever made to this point was 64-yards by Matt Prater), the Ravens have the best kicker in the game and knew they had a shot.

And of course, Tucker drilled it.

Okay, it did hit the crossbar and bounce through, but it sealed the win, and he now can say he holds the record for longest field goal ever made.

Just imagine looking at a goal post from 66-yards away… feels like kicking a football through a pair of chopsticks.

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