Justin Thomas And Daniel Berger Shotgun Beers At The Ryder Cup Because… ‘MERICA

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The Ryder Cup is buck wild when you compare it to your typical golf standards. I mean, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call golf a bit of a stuffy sport.

But at the Ryder Cup, the atmosphere is absolutely electric, and the players are hella fired up to be there.

And this year?

It just kicked up another notch.

It’s always great when the Ryder Cup is on your home turf, because the fans are always going bonkers for you as you step up to the first tee.

A rare instance occurred today though, when Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger made their way to the first tee box.

Before they teed off, the American  duo tossed a handful of beers into the crowd, but when a couple fans tossed a pair of beers back to them, the obliged.

Berger shotgunned his, and Thomas got on one knee, chugged his, and then gave it the ol’ Gronk Spike in the teebox.

I don’t care if you’re a golf fan or not, there’s nothing better than chugging beers on the golf course for ol’ glory.


The view from the ground:

‘Merica, fuck yeah.

Of course, you also have your stick-in-the-mud golf folks, who don’t know how to have a good time, pissed off about losing, who couldn’t wait to complain about how much fun the Americans are having.

Lighten up losers…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock