Louisiana Walmart Employee Blasts Management On PA Before Walking Out: “F*ck This Job. I Quit”

Whenever we talk about Walmart, 99.9% of the time it’s about a brawl in the produce section, some Karen going ape-shit in the cosmetics, or the local weirdo dragging a deer carcass in so he can steal beer.

It’s the most peculiar place on this planet, no matter which state you live in.

However, rarely do we ever speak of the employees that have to put up with this nonsense every single day.

And apparently, for one Walmart employee in Louisiana, working at that specific store is absolute hell on Earth.

Beth McGrath was on her last limb working at the store, and she decided to walk out on the job in the wildest way possible.

Right before she calls it quits, she filmed herself speaking over the intercom, for the ultimate drop the mic moment:

“Attention Walmart shoppers and associates, my name is Beth from electronics. I’ve been working at Walmart for almost five years and I can say that everyone here is overworked and underpaid.

The attendance policy is bulls*t. We’re treated from management and customers poorly every day. Whenever we have a problem with it, we’re told that we’re replaceable.

I’m tired of the constant gaslighting. The company treats their elderly associates like sh*t.

To Jarred, our store manager, you’re a pervert. Greta and Kathy, shame on y’all for treating our associates the way you do. I hope you don’t speak to your families the way you speak to us.”

And how did she round it out?

“F*ck management and f*ck this job. I quit.”

Daggum Beth, tell us how you really feel. She uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption:

“On to better things.”

As you can imagine, the video went viral quick. Imagine just walking through Walmart looking for some Hot Cheetos and sandwich stuff when all of a sudden, you hear an epic rant over the intercom?

That’s a Walmart story for the ages.

She added in a separate post:

“I never intended for the video to blow up the way it did… It’s been a roller coaster for me and I’m just at a loss for words.

I didn’t record the video for clout. I recorded the video for my fellow coworkers, to let them know that I do love them and I do want what’s best for them. I wanted to be their voice, I wanted to be my voice.”

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