Billy Strings Is Hosting A Livestream For His New Album ‘Renewal’ Tonight

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Jesse Faatz

Tomorrow is Friday, and you know what that means…

New Music Friday.

More specifically, New Music Friday featuring a brand new album from the great Billy Strings.

Strings is set to release his latest album, Renewal, tomorrow, of which he’s already blessed us with two badass bluegrass jams… “In The Morning Light,” and “Fire Line.”

Both songs represent everything that puts him in a league of his own… captivating songwriting and phenomenal musicianship. And there’s no doubt that Renewal will be a full representation of his immense talent once again.

So, how is the man himself celebrating this new release?

He’s gonna put on a livestream of the new album tonight at 8 PM MT/10 PM ET on both Facebook and YouTube, and he’s gonna be answering fan questions while he’s at it.

He announced the stream via Twitter, and expect this one to be great. It’s honestly mind blowing to watch this guy pick a guitar in real time.

And if you haven’t heard the latest singles, check ’em out:

“In The Morning Light”

“Fire Line”

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