VIDEO: Unsuspecting Jogger Passes Within A Few Feet Of Mountain Lion

Mountain lions just might be the most terrifying animal in North America.

Their populations are growing across the western U.S., and so seemingly to are the conflicts the big cats are causing with people.

Recently a California woman had to fight off a mountain lion with her bare hands to save her son; a mountain lion broke into a home in Washington and was tranquilized in the kitchen, another big cat broke into a California home to hunt taxidermy, authorities also captured a mountain lion roaming the streets of San Francisco, and a hiker in Utah was stalked by a hostile a cougar.

Now a recent video captured on a front porch security camera in California shows some more scary suburban cougar footage.

The mountain lion is seen creeping across the front steps of a home just as a jogger approaches within close proximity. The cougar appears to crouch down behind a bush and conceal itself as if positioning itself to pounce. Just moments later, a jogger passes by within just a few feet of the lion and is completely unaware that an apex predator is just a few feet away.

For people that spend enough time in cougar country, it’s been said that even if you’ve never seen one of the big cats, they have probably seen you. This video is a perfect display of right that saying probably is.

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