VIDEO: Two Canadians Getting Fired Up About Grain Farming Is The Wholesome Content We Need

“This is flatland grain farmin’ at its fuckin’ finest.”

I love these guys.

There’s nothing wrong with loving what you do, and these two are writing the book on it.

If the rest of the world had that kind of passion for their work, the whole world would be infinitely better off for it.

It’s hard to believe that my all-time favorite video on the internet is just two Canadian rednecks cranking some 2012 Florida Georgia Line (the only downfall of this hilarious video) and dragging that combine through a barley field, but I think I’ve watched this 482 times today.

You want to know what I love about this video the most though?

I learned like 15 new Canadian phrases that I’m going to drop in every day conversation and it’s going to be electric. One of my favorites…

“Wind her over, give ‘er a good snort.”

And then there’s this one…

“We blow a load in her… and she loves it…”

Okay, maybe wholesome content isn’t quite the word…

Either way… GOLD.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock