Joe Rogan And Bryan Callen Talking Sh*t In The Woods (Literally) Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

When two comedic geniuses like Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen get together, the stories and banter are always incredible.

Drop those guys into a situation like a deer hunt in the middle of the woods, and the content gets even better.

A few years back, Rogan and Callen made one of their earliest appearances on Steven Rinella’s TV Show MeatEater. They were posted up in the woods on a white-tail hunt with MeatEater regular Doug Duren when Rogan noticed something that steered the conversation in a hilarious direction.

There was apparently some sort of turd stuck to a stick near where the men were hunting, and when Rogan pointed it out to Callen, both of their comedic sides came out as they started swapping various stories about shit.

Experienced woodsmen know you can learn a lot about the forest and the creatures that inhabit it by examining their droppings, as evident by the story Rogan tells about Rinella being able to identify animals by the recycled food they leave on the ground.

But their conversation on the shitty subject matter goes way beyond that, as they discuss the expression “shit on a stick,” pooping in your own backyard, and relieving yourself out of a moving vehicle.

It’s a great example of how swapping stories and sharing a laugh is a major part of the hunting experience beyond just shooting a deer, even if the subject matter here is kind of shitty.

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