This List Of The Best Cities For Country Music Fans Is Quite The Head-Scratcher

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I am baffled…

People have argued ’til their faces turn blue about which city is the best city for a country music fans. Nashville, AKA Music City, is the obvious choice as it’s home to the mainstream country music industry, but what about the rest of the country?

LawnStarter is here to settle the argument for good, as they conducted a study of the best cities for a country music star to play at.

They ranked cities based on five key factors, including the number of country radio stations, concerts, and performance venues, the size of the local fandom based on Google search trends, and availability of museums dedicated to the genre.

And aside from the top spot, and a decent chunk of the middle, the list doesn’t make any sense to me.

Check it out:

1. Nashville, TN


2. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas residencies really carrying the city, eh?

3. St. Louis, MO


4. Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of country music in Mormon country?

5. Grand Rapids, MI

6. Knoxville, TN

7. Tulsa, OK

8. Birmingham, AL

9. Atlanta, GA

10. Denver, CO

11. San Antonio, TX

12. Austin, TX

13. Lubbock, TX

14. Alexandria, VA

15. Eugene, OR

16. Portland, OR

Portland? Portland seems like the last place in the country you’d expect to see a ton of country music fans.

17. Pittsburgh, PA

18. Jackson, MS

19. Colorado Springs, CO

20. Oklahoma City, OK

21. Seattle, WA

22. Tallahassee, FL

23. Jersey City, NJ

I didn’t see any country bars on Jersey Shore?

24. Bellevue, WA

25. Spokane, WA

A whole mess of Washington rounding out the Top 25, eh?

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