Whiskey Riff Mailbag: The Best Reader-Submitted Drunk Concert Stories

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Concerts are BACK.

And so are all the drunk stories that come along with them.

Last week we asked you to submit your best drunk concert story, and y’all definitely delivered.

Here are some of the best that we received:

Those rain delays will get you. And so will those Giants fans…

My friends and I went to see Kenny Chesney at MetLife Stadium and I was throwing down beers like I never have before.

There was a big rainstorm that delayed the concert for a bit so, to pass the time, I drank more than I typically would have. I ended up trying to fight a lady behind us for stealing my friend’s poncho and said it was “typical Giant fan behavior.”

I remember very little of anyone singing and missed a surprise guest appearance of David Lee Murphy. I got 3 guys’ numbers. I crashed a wedding reception at our hotel afterward. Spent nearly $200. Woke up with the worst headache I’ve had…

But sometimes during rain delays you just have to get creative.

My brother, sister and I were at a Miranda Lambert concert a few years ago in St. Louis . The venue was an amphitheater with seating and a large lawn in the back, which is where my siblings and I were. About halfway through Miranda’s set, it started pouring rain.

Miranda stopped her show for the time being and most people cleared out of the lawn to find shelter. My brother and I, already several concert beers deep, had a better idea.

As the lawn was on a hill, and it was still pouring down rain, we made the lawn into our own slip n slide. My brother and I would run and scream random rallying cries that drunk people scream, and then slide in our stomachs down the hill.

Safe to say it was gathering some attention because the third time we were walking up the hill, there was a small group of about 20 people ready to join us. By the fourth or fifth time we went down, we had close to a 100 people in a line a the top of the hill.

At one point( who knows how many times we did this) I went full William Wallace and ran down the line of people yelling what sounded like to me a very motivating speech, and then sent the crowd down the hill to slide. I was drunk, covered in mud, and having a helluva time. One of my favorite concert memories for sure.

Imagine waking up and realizing you’ve been sleeping in a port-a-shitter.

We were at faster horses in Michigan and Brothers Osborne was opening up for Zac Brown Band and my friend was so drunk and had to go to the bathroom so he went to the bathroom at the beginning of Brothers Osborne and never made it back to Zac Brown.

I find him sleeping on our campsite after the concert and he wakes up and tells me he fell asleep in the port-a-John for an hour and a half and woke up halfway through Zac Brown Band.

Then there’s this interesting urinal conversation…

I told Whitey Morgan I was “having a good dick day” while using the urinal next to him at his 1st annual birthday bash at Bandit Town in California.

Just like being at the actual show, right?

Seeing the Allman Brothers, pre-gaming in the lot…I spent the whole concert listening to their cd in the parking lot thinking I was inside the show! It’s was still a great time! Great vibe.

So there you have it, some of the best drunk concert stories that you the readers submitted.

With concerts finally coming back, we expect that there will be a lot more of these stories popping up, so we’re gonna leave the submission form open just in case anybody else has some good ones, and we’ll post those too if we get enough stories.

Because we all know how things go once those $15 concert beers start flowing.

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