Cody Jinks Releases Steel-Soaked Heartbreaker “I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore”

Friday? Psh…

Cody Jinks drops new tunes on Mondays.

And God bless him for it.

It’s been quite the ride for the Texas singer this past year, as he’s been working on both a country and metal rock project at the same time.

Different? Yes. But that’s what we all love about the guy, he’s never conformed to the mold that is expected of your average country singer in today’s day in age. And he was recently rewarded with a Platinum record for it.

Today, he dropped his latest single from his new country album, Mercy, titled “I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore.”

Let me tell you, this one is a “certified twanger,” as our boys from American Aquarium like to call it. The slow paced, steel-heavy song reminds you of some good ol’ ’80s-’90s country, taking you back to the glory days of guys like Randy Travis and Keith Whitley.

Cody also weighed in on what it’s been like recording two albums at the same time:

“It was very different recording them at the same time. Literally, it was being in one studio and walking next door and going from this beautiful country song that we’re doing to just this really angry metal song, flipping a switch,.

The actual art of writing was the only thing I really had to focus on to keep myself sane…the song comes first. If I’m not writing a great song, then I’m dead in the water. I really, really focused on being a better wordsmith.” 

I can already tell this hard work will pay off in full.

Keep doin’ you sir.

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