“NO ALCOHOL” – Cleveland Police Issue Hysterical List Of Browns Tailgating Rules This Season

A crowd of people holding up their hands

Football season is here, tailgate season is here, me losing too much money on terrible bets every Sunday is here… it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Cities across the the country are getting ready for their home opener and in turn, their first tailgate of the season.

And one of those cities goes HARD on Sunday morning…. the Cleveland Brown.

After a solid season from Baker Mayfield and company, the Browns are carrying a lot of momentum into this season and the Dawg Pound is fired UP to get back out to Muni Lot for the home opener at FirstEnergy Stadium.

However, you know who’s not excited?

Cleveland Police.

According to Cleveland19.com, the Cleveland Division of Police released the annual list of rules and regulations for tailgating activities at the Muni Lot and it’s downright hysterical.

We have a few that are pretty par for the course like “no littering,” “no vandalism,” etc… but one in particular is especially hysterical:


I mean, do you even know what a tailgate is?

And if you’re familiar with Cleveland, you know this is a rule every year for this particular parking lot, but it still makes for a hilarious headline.

Either way, looks like the fine people of Cleveland are following the rules…


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock