Jon Gruden Caught On A Hot Mic Hilariously Ripping The Ref A New A**hole

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Anybody who knows anything about NFL football, knows how Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden is one of the most colorful characters in the game.

From his crazy one liners, to his zero to 100 personality, the man is just fun to watch.

In this instance, Gruden’s zero to 100 personality got the best of him.

The Raiders squared off against the Pittsburg Steelers this afternoon, and as the second quarter was coming to a close, all you can hear on the hot mic is a plethora of f-bombs towards the refs.

It’s still unclear what exactly the man was pissed about, but he was giving the ref the damn BUSINESS.

Normally when a coach is getting caught for chewing out the refs on the mic, the commentators will say something like, “We apologize for the language,” but even commentator Ian Eagle got in a good laugh.

Never change, Jon, never change.

“Hey, I want to talk to this f**king guy!”

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