VIDEO: Raccoon Narrowly Dodges Alligator Attack

Raccoons are one of the most acrobatic and resourceful animals in North America. Despite their reputation for eating garbage, they’re incredibly intelligent as well.

They are incredibly adaptable, and although originally forest animals, raccoons are now also thriving across cities, suburbs, and other wild places, including swamps and marshes.

Though primarily nocturnal, raccoons are occasionally active during daylight for the sake of finding food.

They are considered one of the world’s most omnivorous animals and will eat just about anything, including plant matter, seeds, fruits, nuts, insects, grubs, worms, fish, turtles, snakes, frogs, toads, birds, and bird eggs.

Raccoons are pretty much always on the prowl for food and are capable of climbing, swimming, and figuring out complex tasks like prying open garbage cans or breaking into bird feeders.

But because of their relatively small to medium size, that means that raccoons are also popular food sources for a lot of different predators, which means they often have to dodge things trying to eat them while like look for something to eat.

“For this particular Raccoon, those acrobatic skills came in handy as it dodged a hungry little alligator while foraging through a Florida swamp. 

Did you know that Raccoons search the Florida swamps for food? Yes? No? 

Well, regardless of what you know, the gators are fully aware of their furry visitors and try to capitalize on it frequently. 

In this clip, watch as a Florida man hilariously yells at a pair of ‘coons, telling them to watch out for the gator. 

This wild clip is just a microcosm of the Raccoon’s life, constantly avoiding a slew of hungry predators. Only in Florida….”

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