Group Of Girls Drive Side By Side With Jumper Cables Attached Because… Wait For It… The AC Is Broken

A person standing in a parking lot

Dear God, I hope this is staged…

What we have here is a group of girls driving down the road with jumper cables connected to both cars. Yep, both cars, charged batteries, driving down the rode side by side with the cables still attached.

Now I’m no expert, but anybody who knows anything about cars (and even if you know next to nothing about cars), you know that once you get the other car started, you remove the jumper cables and both go on about your day.

Although, apparently these gals never got the memo…

With one holding the cables up, the two vehicles make their way down the road.

When the guys filming the video try to help out, they make it clear that they don’t want the help, and the reasoning is beyond hysterical.

Listen to this exchange:

“My dad’s a mechanic, I know”

Of course he is…

But the guy’s response?

“You dad’s a mechanic? Well, you should call him.”

But the real kicker? They’re not trying to get the car started, they’re trying to jump the broken air conditioning.

You can’t make this up…

Or maybe you can. Like I said, I hope to God this is staged…

It’s almost as good as the ol’ blinker fluid gag:

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