Koe Wetzel Releases Super Mario Kart Themed Lyric Video For “Drunk Driving”

Picture this…

Koe and the boys are chillin. They got beer, whiskey, tequila, a little green smoke, probably a Marlboro or two and they’re tossing around ideas for a lyric video for one of, if not the, saddest songs Koe’s put out.

They’ve already made an absolute crusher of a music video, and want to follow it up with another piece of cinematic excellence.

Then Koe stops, looks around and says “Y’all think Mario was ever drunk on one’a his karts?”

Boom. Problem solved.

Well, that’s how I imagine the conversation went, at least.

“Drunk Driving” has been picking up a ton of momentum recently, even taking over as his most popular song on Spotify from “February 28, 2016” which had been there pretty much forever.

To help boost its popularity, Koe released a lyric video for it, and in typical Koe fashion, it ain’t typical.

While the song itself is tragically deep with the music video taking it to another level, the lyric video is a play on Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo, with Koe driving through graveyards, farms, and towns, avoiding cows, signs, and cacti.

The juxtaposition between the song and the video is pretty hilarious and while it’s not the most exciting video of all time, is certainly worth the chuckle.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock