Minor League Umpire Ejects The Cubs Music Guy For Playing “Three Blind Mice” After A Bad Call

You gotta love a good ejection video.

Last night in Baltimore, we saw the groundcrew get ejected from the game, a rather odd scene at Camden Yards.

Apparently they’re weren’t “ejected” per se, but the ump didn’t want them on the field.

A unique situation no doubt, but not quite the fireworks you’re looking for.

The umpire can’t call a ball or strike to save his life, and next thing you know the manager of one of the teams comes out and telling the ump to stick it where the sun don’t shine…

And BOOM, the ump gives the manager the boot.

It’s always fun to watch, especially if it’s your team’s manager that’s going out there to raise absolute hell. And who knows, maybe it pumps up the team and they put six runs on the board in the next inning.

However, this video is a little bit different.

The Daytona Cubs were squaring off against the Fort Meyers Miracle in a minor league game nine years ago, when umpire Mario Seneca decided to forget the difference between a ball and a strike.

So, what happened next?

Organist Derek Dye decided to play “Three Blind Mice,” just so he could let Seneca know how sh*tty of a job he was doing.

Of course, Seneca didn’t take too well to this, and he looked up above at Dye, and yelled, “YOU’RE GONE.”

The umpire literally ejected the stadium’s organist.

Is he allowed to do this? Does he have that kind of power? It’s not that serious man, he’s just busting your balls along with the thousands of heckling fans behind him. Is he gonna eject all of them too?

Nothing like fun at the ol’ ballpark, amirite?

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