Nashville Lyft Driver Loses Her Sh*t When Rider Asks Her To Slow Down, Kicks Him Out & Throws His Suitcase

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Some people are just the absolute worst…

You never know what kind of personality you’re gonna get when you call an Uber/Lyft. That’s kinda the fun of it, right?

Some drivers don’t say a word, making for the most awkward car ride ever, some talk so much that you’re just dying to get out, and some…

Well they’re just assholes… plain and simple.

A man was taking a ride in a Nashville-area Lyft, when he noticed that the driver was flying down the interstate like a bat outta hell. Windows down, sunroof down, weaving in an outta traffic… a two-star experience at best.

He asked her to slow down and go the speed limit, and also requested the window to be rolled down.

Next thing you know, the driver starts losing her DAMN MIND.

She starts to pitch a fit like a six year old, and even tries to slap the rider’s phone out of his hand. She then screams like a child:


She pulls over to the side of the interstate, and as she’s grabbing his bag, she lets him know:

“F*ck you and f*ck your mama too. THINK I’M GONE DEAL WITH THAT.”

Of course, we don’t know what went down before the camera started rolling, but in no way should a damn grown woman act like that on the job. And the way things go viral these days? Forget about it…

At least it provided some comedic relief on this hump day.


When the Lyft driver doesn’t want to roll up the windows while driving 80. #lyft #lyftdriver #wsmvnashville #newschannel5

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