Wild Throw Drills First Base Umpire In The Side Of The Face

A baseball player in a red hat

Talk about getting SNIPED.

Being an umpire can be a thankless job. You call a great game, and get no love because everybody expects you to be perfect.

F*ck up one time?

You’re the spawn of the devil to the oppositions fans. And to be honest, even the side getting the calls thinks you’re a joke.

Not to mention, umpires take some NASTY hits from rogue baseballs.

I know, I know… this typically happens to umpires behind home plate. However, this time involved a first base umpire.

The St. Louis Cardinals were squaring off against the New York Mets tonight, and in the bottom of the second, Kevin Pillar hit a ground ball up the middle.

Edmundo Sosa made a great play to snag the ball from reaching the outfield. Then, he decided to go full Derek Jeter, trying to make a miraculous spin around throw that would’ve for sure ended up on ESPN Top 10…

Until he missed the first baseman by a country mile and clocked first base umpire Junior Valentine square in the cheek bone.

I mean, my guy got absolutely pelted. Blood dripping down his face and everything.

How do ya feel now Sosa? You’re attempt at an ESPN Top 10 landed yourself on the Not So Top 10.

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