VIDEO: Mama Grizzly Bear Charges Coyote To Defend Her Cub

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The best way to feel the full wrath of a mama grizzly bear is to mess with one of her cubs. Nothing in nature is more ferocious than a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs.

That rule applies to human moms, too, as best exemplified by the California woman who recently fended off a mountain lion with her bare hands to save her 5-year son.

That lesson was recently on display in some incredible video footage that shows a curious coyote approach a bear cub that was seemingly feeding on the side of a mountain by itself.

The coyote gets a bit too close for comfort and ultimately startles the unsuspecting bear cub.

As the startled bear cub reacts to the presence of the coyote, it becomes clear that the bear cub isn’t alone at all. Momma bear had a close eye on the cub all along, and before the coyote knows what’s going on, an agitated mama bear comes flying down the mountain, huffing, and puffing like a freight train.

The mother bear collides with the fleeing bear cub, giving the coyote a chance to escape the scene. If that run-in didn’t slow down the mother grizzly, it might have been lights out for the coyote.

Just imagine being in that coyote’s shoes.

I can’t think of anything more terrifying than being charged by a grizzly bear.. But, with bear attacks on the rise in North America, keeping your wits about you in bear country and being prepared with either bear spray or a pistol could prevent you from getting steamrolled by a charging grizzly like the one in this video.

“Here comes mama bear…”

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