Neighbor Picks Fight With Landscaper Over Loose Branches, Promptly Gets His A** Whooped

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Let me set this straight, don’t talk shit to a landscaper… or really any guy that does manual labor for a living. And if you do, you better pack a lunch.

Chances are, they’ve probably been spreading mulch, trimming hedges, and laying a shit ton of sod for about eight hours already… they ain’t in the mood for it.

This dude learned that lesson the hard way over the weekend.

After a tree fell down, some landscapers were hired to remove the fallen tree. In the removal process some of the branches made their way into the neighbor’s yard, and even though the job wasn’t finished yet, he made his way over to the homeowner’s house to complain, cussing out the landscapers in the process.

Here’s the story from the homeowner:

“We hired landscapers to remove a tree that fell. They came by on Friday. We were already gone. I check my ring camera and see a cop car out front and the landscaper wasn’t responding so I’m just like waiting to see what the hell is going on.

He FINALLY calls. He told me he was in cuffs because the neighbor was mad about “branches in his yard” so they started fighting! I had to talk to the cop and he told me to check my camera to see what happened. The neighbor started it first!

We don’t talk to this neighbor. He’s always inside. We hear him yelling at his dogs constantly. Everyone is fine. the landscapers didn’t press charges on the guys. But I wish they would have!

I was so nervous he might try to mess with our house or something. He’s clearly out of his mind.”

Let’s go to the tape:

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You can hear the neighbor tell the landscaper, “how ’bout you clean people’s yards and do your job” which warrants an “entitled motherf*cker” response from the landscaper.

But after the conversation heats up even more, and our two fighters are standing face to face, the neighbor pushes, and then swings on, the landscaper.

Game over….

The landscaper goes ape shit on the neighbor, landing punch after punch, some vicious knees to the body, a handful of uppercuts, and when the rest of the landscaping crew comes over to tune this guy up, he says:

“Let him go, let him go… he’s mine.”

Classy move from the landscaper who was more than capable of handling this scrawny fool on his own. A few more slaps to the head, he lets him walk away without too many bruises.

A bruised ego for sure, but it could’ve been WAY worse for him. The landscaper even fixed the floormat on the homeowner’s porch and fluffed the pillows on the bench before getting back to work.

Of course, neighbor who threw the first punch calls the police like the coward that he is, but all it took was one look at the Ring doorbell cam to inform the cops that this clown started the whole thing.

And once again, the landscaper declined to press charges.

As one of the comments in this Reddit said:

“He f*cked him up like a gentleman.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The neighbor’s utter shock might be my favorite part though.

“What the f*ck’s wrong with you dude?”

I love when a dude who started a fight, made first contact, AND threw the first punch is surprised (after they get their ass handed to them) when someone doesn’t put up with it.

More people need to be humbled like that…

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