Baker Mayfield Releases “Talk Is Cheap” Week 1 Hype Video Calling Out The Doubters

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Week 1… let’s GO.

As we get ready to kickoff another NFL season, there’s always a number of questions going into Week 1.

Is Tom Brady gonna play until he’s 50? What the fuck are the Chicago Bears doing with Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback? And inevitably, does Baker Mayfield have what it takes to get the job done in Cleveland?

After an impressive 11-5 season last year, one that saw the Browns win their first playoff game in a long long time, you might think that the Baker haters would pipe down.

Not the case…

And Baker is calling them out.

His beef with Colin Cowherd is well documented, Terry Bradshaw even called him out as a “showboat quarterback,” but in his new “Talk Is Cheap” hype video, Baker calls out all the haters who have doubted his ability to win when it matters.

“Talk is cheap, let’s get started.”

I’m no Baker Mayfield stan, and couldn’t care less about the Browns, but now in his 4th season, I’m betting on Baker this year.

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