Zach Bryan Teases New Song “The Good I’ll Do,” And This Album Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

Zach Bryan country music
Samuel Elkins

Zach Bryan, some say he’s the songbird of our generation.

You gotta respect a guy who’s done everything his own way, not succumbed to the mainstream scene, and all while serving time in the military.

Not to mention, he’s as real as it gets.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since the man released his Quiet, Heavy Dreams EP, an EP that once again proved his incredible abilities to tell stories through songs, but with a little more polish than were used to.

Now, as we all anticipate another full studio album, he’s teased us with a few unreleased songs that have us all foaming at the mouth.

We’ve heard “Darling,” “Corinthians 5:17,” and “Sober Side of Story,” but last night, he unveiled a clip of a new piece he’s working on…

And it’s nothing short of incredible.

Titled “The Good I’ll Do,” he brings us some lyrics that we can all relate to in some way:

Well there’s blue jeans in the driveway
And you’re walkin’ inside sideways
The wine always affects you, in beautiful all kind of ways
Ask me if I’m stayin’ and I say that I’m, ‘sleepin’ on the floor’
Won’t ya tell me that you need me
‘Cause lately I’ve been needin’
Someone to remind me
Of more than just an evenin’

There’s still no word on when the new album will drop, but he did give us a little info back in August:

“Making it exactly what I want it to be (no rudeness attached) 

Never been more invested in something. I told my family and God however long it takes is how long it takes.

Jumped the gun before and I refuse to ever do it again. Love you guys and I appreciate you #buckinandsuckin”

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