Jon Randall Teams Up With Jack Ingram On “Girls From Texas” From His New Self-Titled Album

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Jon Randall’s solo self-titled album, a record that’s been 15 years in the making, is finally here.

For the album, Jon included a few songs from his previous EP, Neon Texas, and a few older songs he’s played for a while that we didn’t have an official studio version of yet.

And one of my favorites he recorded for this new album is “Girls From Texas,” which he recorded with fellow Texan and Marfa Tapes collaborator Jack Ingram.

Jon originally wrote the song with Shane McAnally years ago, and it was recorded by Pat Green back in 2015, featuring Lyle Lovett and included on his Home album.

It’s fun getting to hear Jon show off his vocals more on this project, and these two Texans teaming up on such a fun song makes it all that much better.

It’s one that you’re going to love if you’re from Texas – and even if you’re not.


Of course, all of the songs are on the album are stellar, as Jon is one of the best writers and producers in the business right now. (He recently produced Parker McCollum’s fantastic album Gold Chain Cowboy, too).

Another one of my favorites he included on this album is “Velvet Elvis Buzz”

And watch him completely shred the acoustic guitar in the live performance video of his new song “Ranchero.”


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