VIDEO: Great Blue Heron Spears Squirrel Out Of Flooded Tree

A bird in a tree

Earlier this week, footage of great blue heron gulping down a big New York City rat in a Central Park pond highlighted just how adept the big birds are at hunting. They are even capable of hunting mammals larger than you might anticipate them being able to take down.

This footage is even crazier than that though.

According to Nature is Metal, this video was reportedly filmed in the wake of storm related flooding down in Alabama.

A great blue heron and a squirrel, two species that would typically never encounter one another in the wild seemed to be perplexed at the sight of one another.

Herons spend almost all of their time in the air or slowly prowling through shallow water while squirrels spend their time in the tree tops.

The squirrel is probably no stranger to birds, but it seemed a bit caught off guard that this particular bird was rolling up to eat it. The situation went about as well for the squirrel as it did for the rat in New York City.

Time to update the scoreboard: Great Blue Herons -2, Rodents – 0.

If you want to do some squirrel hunting of your own then check out this article.

If you want to watch this heron hunt a squirrel then check out the video below.

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