Eric Church’s Unreleased “Michael” Will Absolutely Break You

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GAHT DAMN, can Eric Church write a song, or what?

The Chief has put out his share of heartbreakers throughout the years, but this one might just take the cake. Only difference is, he never actually put this one out.

The song is called “Michael” and it’ll absolutely wreck you.

It starts with a man talking about his son, how he really looks like him and is playing his first football game this week.

“Hey my name is Michael
And I’m 34 years old
I work for this city
At least I did two months ago
Here’s a picture of my boy
And he’s starting to look like me
He plays his first football game
Next week against the Chiefs”

But it quickly takes a downward turn to paint the picture of a broken life, marred with alcohol abuse, and a broken home as a result.

“Whiskey ain’t been on my breath
But it stays on my mind
And I ain’t had a steady hand
In such a long, long time
The devil that lived in me
Passed on this past June
When my very own flesh and blood
Said, “Daddy, I hate you”

“His mom and him are doing great
Without that drunk S.O.B.
And that’s what’s going on these days
In my life without me”

Those last two lines kill me… the Chief can turn a phrase that twists like a knife.

A video of him playing this song at a writer’s round has been around for a bit, but the wonderful world of YouTube has blessed us with a studio/demo version of this masterpiece.

I don’t know how they found it, but man am I glad they did.

If you’ve ever struggled with alcohol or addiction, and it wound up costing you everything, this one will unfortunately hit way too close to home.

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