Paige Spiranac Says There’s “Two Big Reasons” Why She’s The Most Popular Golfer On Instagram

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The polls are in, and we now know who the most popular golfer in Instagram is…

No, it’s not Tiger Woods, it’s not Brooks Koepka, and nope… it’s not Bryson DeChambeau…

It’s the one and only, Paige Spiranac.

GolfMagic decided to do a little research on who the most followed golfer is on Instagram, and it was no other than Spiranac.

The former professional golfer and model has racked up 3.1 million followers over the years.

Coming in a VERY close second place (actually, it’s not close at all) is Tiger Woods at 2.7 million.

Mind blowing.

And naturally, with her signature quick wit, she responded to the list on Twitter, giving the two main reasons why she’s garnered so much popularity:

“Two big reasons why. My golf knowledge and personality.”

Yea yea yea, I’m sure those are the only two reasons why, Paige.

But hey, you gotta give her the respect she deserves. She’s been able to market her… brand, perfectly.

And she can actually play golf pretty damn well too…

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