VIDEO: Coach O Hilariously Talks Sh*t To Chirping UCLA Fan On The Way Into The Rose Bowl

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Coach O… the man, the myth, the legend.

It’s hard not to love Ed Oregon, the head football coach at Louisiana State University. The passion, the fire, the love of gumbo… he’s an infectious character to say the least.

Never one to shy away from a viral moment, Coach O was getting chirped by a UCLA fan as he was walking into the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, yesterday. Just a little friendly banter, the UCLA fan told Coach O that they we’re going to beat LSU.

The response was GOLD:

“Hey, bring your ass on, in your little sissy blue shirt.”

Never change coach… never change.

It’s the Louisiana State trooper slapping the bicep that does it for me though…

Granted purple and yellow aren’t exactly the “manliest” colors on the spectrum either, but you gotta love a little friendly shit-talking from the coach. Nick Saban would 100% just ignore the guy and give us nothing to talk about.

Unfortunately for the LSU Tigers though… Coach O and company didn’t walk the walk and got beat by the Bruins, 38-27.

In the postgame presser, he said there was a number of things they needed to address to get better.

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