Neighbors Throw Some Of The Most Pathetic Punches In History While Wife Chirps From The Sideline

A person kicking another man

Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood, eh?

Coming to us from the beautiful city of Allentown, Pennsylvania, it’s a tale as old as time… one guy parks a big ol’ truck in front of another guy’s house, other guy doesn’t like it so he knocks on his door to ask him to get it off the sidewalk, shirtless truck guy gets mad, the gloves come off and a bout of fisticuffs ensues.

Like I said, a tale as old as time…

Here’s the story from the annoyed neighbor:

“I told my neighbor to get his rig off my sidewalk because I don’t want damage the city will expect me to pay for and he snapped on me. My argument is he was over the curb and on the sidewalk.

If for any reason there would be damage to the sidewalk the city would expect me to pay for it. we have had off and on issues with this guy as well have other neighbors.”

A lot to unpack here but right out of the gate we have shirtless truck guy goin’ bonkers, leading with a hilarious “I’ll wreck your life” and he lands a hard left to the chops of neighbor guy.

Great way to start a fight in my opinion. And right as he’s trying to gather his wits about him and return fire, he’s got his lady filming the encounter chipping the shirtless truck guy.

“You punch like a pussy, look at you.”

And while he might appreciate the support, the last thing I want to hear after I just got my bell rung is my wife screaming at the other guy that he hits like a pussy. His pussy fist just went upside my head.

She also sure talks a lot of smack for someone that doesn’t have the decency to put the camera in landscape…

That being said, she ain’t lying.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen two men trade a series of more pathetic punches in my entire life. Honestly, I would’ve expected a lot more from a blue collar place like Allentown, but nevertheless, these VERY unathletic dude take a quick breather to trade some F-bombs and then it’s back to the action.

Out of shape dads, limp wrist punches, tripping over their own feet… we’re talking about the trifecta of pathetic right here.

And speaking of Allentown, here’s a rendition of the Billy Joel classic off his 1982 The Nylon Curtain record.

Affectionate titled “Alan Town,” it’s from the 2011 hit motion picture The Hangover 2. 

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