Go Behind The Scenes Of What Makes Red Rocks Amphitheater So Special

Jeff Kravitz

Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado is one of the premier music venues in the world.

The area has been has been formed by nature over the course of millions of years, but was first opened as a performance venue in 1941.

Since then, artists and fans from all over the globe have taken the pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountains to listen to their favorite artists, or just take in the natural sights and sounds of whoever happens to be playing that night.

CBS’ Luke Burbank recently did a segment on the unique amphitheater, going over the history of the venue as well as how it was formed millions of years ago and what makes it special today.

I know I’m biased, but it just feels like this venue was specially make for country music. Something about the overlapping of love of the outdoors with a classically American genre in the rawest of outdoor settings just works.

Enjoy Cody Jinks’ phenomenal performance of “Must Be The Whiskey” from July 2019.

Honestly, just watch the whole thing, that entire concert was insanely special.

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A beer bottle on a dock