A Pissed Off Kyle Busch Runs Over Cones Leaving The Track After Early Exit At Darlington

A race car on a track

Kyle Busch doin’ Kyle Busch things…

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs are officially underway, kicking off in Darlington tonight, and one the top drivers, one expected to make the finals, is already in trouble.

Dubbed “The Track Too Tough to Tame,” it lived up to the nickname for Kyle Busch whose night ended early after he made contact with Austin Dillon and slammed into the wall.

Obviously pissed off, Rowdy drove his damaged 18 car off the tracks ramming through a barrier of cones. And while nobody appeared to be in danger, folks were quick to get the hell out of the way.

Might be a fine coming after that…

And then in the post-crash interview, Busch said it wasn’t the fault of the 3 car (shockingly), but he tore the rest of the team a new one.

“We’re running like shit, we got wrecked, so that’s what you get when you run like shit. Shouldn’t be there… I don’t know what our problem is.

The M&M’s Camry was not very good, we’re running terrible, and we got wrecked… wasn’t the 3’s fault.”

When asked about trying to win one the next two races, two tracks that Kyle is historically pretty good at, he didn’t hold back:

“Who cares, we get what we get.”

Here’s the crash:

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