UNC Dad Fights Entire Virginia Tech Student Section After Allegedly Getting Hit With A Beer Can

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College football is BACK.

Alabama is back to putting a hurting on anybody that steps on the field with them and college kids are back to getting shitfaced at 7 in the morning, but over in Chapel Hill, things have started… poorly.

Heisman hopeful Sam Howell had a rough showing as UNC lost to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg last night. VA Tech sacked Howell six times and forced three interceptions on the way to the 17-10 upset.

But for one UNC dad, painfully seated in the VA Tech student section… the night was even worse.

We’re not sure how this all got started, or what this pipsqueak said to make pops want to climbs up 5 rows by himself and dive head first into a sea of orange, but something set him off.

Let’s roll the tape:

I mean, you see that look in his eye?

There’s no more reasoning with this man at this point…

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According to a number of comments on Twitter and Instagram, the VA Tech kids were throwing glass airplane bottles, beer cans, and water down on people and allegedly, a little girl ended up taking a beer can to the head.

And while I wasn’t there to confirm that veracity of the comment section, it is pretty interesting to see orange sea part and make a way for this raging dad to get up and charge.

I mean, look at all these chumps diving outta the way… they definitely don’t want none of that dad smoke.

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Just look at the fear of God in this kid’s eyes….

It’s all fun and games and throwing beer cans at people… until they want to climb up there and snatch the soul out of your body…

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Ultimately, when we look at a few different angles, it seems like the kid ducked most of that first punch and then high-tailed it out of there while his buddies were left to defend him.

Throwing beers, talking shit, starting fights, and then leaving me to clean up the mess? Not the kind of friend I want to have…

And while you don’t want to see dad (or anybody in a dumb fight) catch a charge for wrecking some smart ass college kid, if they really were throwing shit at people, it might’ve been nice to see that punch connect a little better. It also looks like dad had some backup as we eventually see a younger dude wearing powder blue in the mix as well.

In the end, it seems like more than a handful of these lads are going to be spending the night in the slammer, an eventful start to the season no doubt.

I know it’s only Week 1, but with the way the NFL Preseason, the MLB Season and the NBA Playoffs went… I think we’re in for A LOT more of these kind of shenanigans as the season rolls on.

Here’s a few more angles:

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