Twitter Roasts The Living Hell Out Of Kane Brown After Snoozefest College GameDay Appearance

Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso are posing for a picture

You mean Kane Brown was the most boring guest in the history of College GameDay?


Yesterday, it was announced that real Georgia Bulldogs fan and pretend country music singer, Kane Brown would be the guest picker on Week 1 of College GameDay.

Naturally, fans were not happy…

Utilizing the obligatory “hope he doesn’t get lost on his way to the set” joke, fans took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (and probably every other form of social media known to man) to ROAST the hell out of both Kane and ESPN for the selection.

Harsh? Yeah, maybe, but then his moment to prove the haters wrong came.

And let’s just say the comments today were much worse than the day before…


A number of people thought he sounded stoned to the bone.

And even people that like his music thought he was boring as all hell.

To be fair though, they have horrible taste…

The people have spoken… you be the judge.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock