VIDEO: Man Brings Tiny Lizard Back To Life With CPR After It Drowned In A Pool

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A tiny lizard has a second chance at life after drowning at the bottom of a swimming pool.

The man in the video reportedly pulled the lifeless lizard from the bottom of the pool and started issuing chest compressions with his finger. The lizard began to twitch, and then soon came back to life, much to the amazement of onlookers.

“Oh my god! Look, his little hand is like, flipping.” 

The man said that after seeing the lifeless lizard, he was reminded of a video he saw where someone brought a squirrel back to life through chest compressions so he thought he’d give it a go.

“After the first round of compressions its mouth opened as if it was taking a breath. 

Then after the second round of CPR we left it to warm up in the sun and about 45 minutes later it scuttled off and lay on a wall. I think giving lizards CPR is a good thing, more people should try it.

If the pool had not had been there it would not have needed rescuing.”

According to his brother, it is apparently not the first time he has came to the rescue of a small, helpless animal.

“My brother found a dead lizard at the bottom of a swimming pool and gave it CPR. Not long after it revived and scuttled off.

Few years back he saved a chaffinch chick whose mum had died by feeding it with a pipette and taught it to fly.”

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