Tennessee Granny With Epic Mugshot Says She Has “Maybe An Ounce” Of Weed… Has 20 Pounds

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Give or take a few… POUNDS.

According to Fox 17, an old Tennessee woman (and my new personal hero) was recently arrested after she told investigators that she had “maybe an ounce” of weed at the house.

Peggy Brewington was arrested on a trespass charge earlier this week, but when the 15th Drug Task Force conducted a search of her Jackson County farm as part of a month-long investigation, they found a whole lot more than they expected.

Peggy claimed she had “about an ounce” on the property, but she actually had a whopping 20 pounds of Mary Jane at home, as well as 40 plants on the property. And they found even more at a second residence nearby.

The case will now be presented to a Jackson County Grand Jury, to decide whether or not to indict ol’ Peggy, but something tells me Peggy don’t give two f*cks what that Grand Jury thinks.

I mean, have you ever seen a more badass granny in your entire life?

Granted, getting busted for growing your own pot sucks, but how about that mugshot, eh? Two middle fingers in the air, f*ck the haters… amirite?

Honestly, granny should just move to Colorado where she can smoke and grow her own weed all she wants. But now, it looks like she might be spending her golden years in the slammer.

Tough break…

MAYBE AN OUNCEOn 27 August Ms. Brewington was arrested in Jackson for Trespassing. on Monday the 30th, the 15th DTF…

Posted by 15th Drug Task Force Tennessee on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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