Rescue Crews In Louisiana Use Chainsaws To Save Cow Stuck In A Tree

I’ve seen a lot of cows in my almost 30 years on Earth. I’ve seen a lot of trees in my almost 30 years on Earth. I have never seen a cow in a tree though.

But a cow getting stuck in a tree is precisely what happened down in Louisiana in the wake of hurricane related flooding. Rescue crews from the St. Bernard Parish Government had to use a chainsaw to clear branches in order to free the cow.

The cow does not appear to have been injured and does not struggle as the men free it from the tree. Though the video doesn’t show the conclusion of their rescue attempt, reportedly the cow was indeed cut loose from the tree and able to run off under its own power.

The situation is somewhat reminiscent of the fella who recently rescued that baby deer from the flood waters.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to remain with everyone dealing with fall out from Hurricane Ida.

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A beer bottle on a dock