Randall King Drops More Heat With Honky Tonkin’ Love Song “Baby Do”

Been waiting on this one for awhile.

Randall King just keeps bringing the heat with his new releases, and this latest one is no different.

“Baby Do,” which Randall wrote alongside Brandon Kinney and Brice Long, is one that he’s been performing live for quite awhile now. In fact, I first heard it about a year ago when I saw Randall in concert, and I’ve been waiting for the album version ever since.

Well luckily the time has come.

It’s a honky tonk love song that would be right at home alongside some of the biggest hits of the ’90s. But it’s also got a fresh sound that Randall seems to have mastered, a sound that’s gonna make it an early favorite for the standout track on Randall’s yet-to-be-officially-announced sophomore album.

Oh, and it’s catchy as hell.

“I can be real hard to handle
Whenever I get off my chain
Man I’ve always been a gamble
Damn sure loves to play that game
Not everybody gets me
Or even wants
Oh but baby do”

Now if he could just go ahead and drop that new album soon, that would be great.

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