Billy Strings Debuts “In The Morning Light,” The Second Song From His Upcoming Album, ‘Renewal’

Jesse Faatz

Billy Strings is quickly becoming a superstar.

When you mix in his captivating vocals, out of this world pickin’ skills, and lyrics that cut deeper than a knife, it’s not hard to see why Billy is taking the music world by storm.

And today, he’s dropped another tune from his upcoming album, Renewal.

“I listen to this album now and it’s emotional.

I could sit there and tweak it forever, but there’s a point where it’s like building a house of cards. Yeah, I could add an extra tower on top, but it might collapse.

I’ve always doubted myself, and I still do, but this album makes me think, ‘Hey, you’re doing all right, kid. You just need to keep going.’”  

Titled “In The Morning Light,” the song paints the picture of someone who has found a love so great that it helps him forget the past. The doubts, the fears, the past rejection… narrator feels unworthy of her love, but when he sees her, it melts away. He knows he’s found the one.

The vulnerability is tangible… it’s poetry set to music.

Renewal is set to drop on September 24th.


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