World War II Veteran Meets Pen Pal After Carrying Her Letter With Him For Twelve Years

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How about a little bit of good news for a change?

This story comes to us from Strongsville, Ohio – more specifically, the Vitalia Senior Residences assisted living homes.

Frank Grasberger is a World War II veteran, and 12 years ago he received a letter from a 9-year old girl named DeShauna Priest thanking him for his service.

Touched by the letter, which was sent as part of a class project, he wrote a thank-you card to the third grader and has kept the note with him ever since.

But he had never been able to find the little girl to meet her in person.

Well when the staff of the Vitalia Senior Residences heard the story from Grasberger, they managed to track down that little girl – who’s now 21 years old and a member of the Army National Guard herself.

Telling Grasberger that somebody was coming to interview him about the letter that he carries with him, staff then surprised both Grasberger and his wife when they brought Priest in to meet him face to face for the first time.

Carrying a bouquet of flowers and the thank-you card that Grasberger had sent her twelve years earlier, Priest walked in as the stunned veteran realized what was happening:

“You’re not that girl are you? Don’t make me cry, please.”

Grasberger and his wife, Dee, were overcome with emotion after realizing that it was indeed the little girl who had written to him all those years ago.

He then showed Priest the letter she had written him 12 years ago, as an emotional DeShauna wiped the tears from her eyes.

After catching up, the two reportedly plan to keep in touch from now on, with Grasberger calling the reunion a “miracle.”

It’s incredible to think that one little note from somebody that he didn’t even know touched Grasberger so much that it changed both of their lives 12 years later. Just goes to show how powerful one little act of kindness can be – especially to our Greatest Generation.

Here’s the video of the meeting, shared to TikTok by @arrowseniorliving – but be warned, you’re probably going to need your tissues for this one.


Warning: video may cause eyes to leak 🥲 #kindness #bekind #whatseniorlivinglookslike #wholesomecontent

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